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July 7, 2009

Not very many people realise just how powerful of a tool RTO can be.  Anyone who values time should be very excited about Rent To Own.  It is evident that lenders give better rates to higher credit scores.  With RTO you have time to get the best credit score possible, time to gather a larger down payment, and time to seek out the best loan.

The best part is obvious- YOU get to move in NOW!!  We treat you as a home owner, no more apartments, no more wondering about where to go in 6months.

Give your family security, and BUY SMART.  RTO!!!


BIG NEWS………….a must read

June 25, 2009

We have just added a very powerful tool to our toolbox.

The $8,000 Government Tax Credit can be used on a Rent To Own property!!

You can take the $8,000 now and apply it directly to the purchase price.

So even if you do not make the actual purchase by Dec. 1st (deadline day for the credit) you have already locked in the free money and have already placed it towards your purchase price.  It will count as down payment when you do make the purchase and your lender will be very excited to see that you have placed an additional $8,000 towards the property.

Lets look at the excitment here:

$8000 applied to your purchase price upfront.

You may now qualify for a better loan than before!!!

Maybe a lower interest rate!!!

Your Payments have lowered because the loan just reduced itself by $8,000!!!

There is no other way to look at this- You just received a free $8,000!!!

Is this great or what???

Learn more about the tax credit and our rent to own properties by signing up and letting us know you are interested.  Here is the link to do just that:

Dec. 1st deadline for tax credit

June 17, 2009

A Rent To Own may be just what you need to qualify for a home loan in time to make the $8,000 free money!!

We work closely with lenders who understand our Rent To Own process and get excited to work with our buyers!! If you have been thinking that you WANT to OWN your home, check out our Rent TO Own HOUSES.

The process is simple and we will work hard to get you that tax credit- all you have to do is purchase before Dec. 1st!!

Here is a link to our currently available properties:

You guys are missing out

May 27, 2009

Our Rent To Own properties are going fast, are you in the loop???

People are taking advantage of the time factor and are being giving 12 months or even more to OWN their home all the while they move in right NOW.

Learn about the system and how it works, and please sign up to receive emails that inform you of new Rent To Own property as we get them.  If you are not on this list you are behind the times.  Get deep into the local Underground real estate market……………

You need to buy before DEC. 1st to receive the $8000

May 21, 2009


The time that is left between now and DEC. 1st could actually be your tool to get into your property.  Many people can get 100points added to their credit score within the time that we have left.   Locking in a Rent To Own now might be just what your lender needs to see in order for you to qualify in time.  

There are great benefits to the Rent To Own system.   The plan here is to be able to go to a lender NOW, build a plan to qualify in time and MOVE INTO YOUR DREAM HOUSE NOW!!!!  Then you will have work to meet the lender requests in time to BUY and receive the $8,000.  We have systems to build credit, down payment and MORE……

You need to get the ball rolling right away because DEC. 1st is going to come quickly.  Check out the property we have available right now and learn more about our Rent To Own process: 

Live in your Dream House NOW, but BUY IT LATER!!

May 13, 2009

This is the power of the Rent To Own system, you get to LIVE NOW – BUY LATER!!!!

I know that it sounds to good to be true, so let me simplify the system for you:

You rent the property for a fixed monthly payment, pretty simple…….
But as you are renting you have also LOCKED in a purchase price and now have the entire term to execute the purchase. Usually this is a 12 month term but can change depending on your circumstance.

So- now you have 12 months to find the perfect lender, fix your credit, save for your down payment, increase your down payment, on and on the list of benefits goes.

Take your time BUYING, and use your time as the tool instead of fighting against it!!

Check out our list of Rent To Own properties that we have available right NOW for you to be taking a look at:

New Rent To Own Home Available!!!

April 29, 2009

You have got to take a look at our investment fixer upper property we are now offering as a Rent To Own.  This means that anyone can become a real estate investor- TODAY!!

The basics of this DEAL is that it is a house that you can transform into a 4-plex, zoning complete!!  Use this house to live mortgage free (meaning this property covers your own expenses for you).  WOW, deals like this really are the real estate UNDERGROUND!!

Learn more directly from us, the TRANSACTION ENGINEERS of course!

Direct email us for info on this special deal.  


Go here to get info on all of our Rent To Own properties: